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"kinda scary?"

its used to go to sleep. nothing too scary about that. unlike other seditives this one is specifically for sleep. and that is when you should use it.

and i mean no offense by this but...your wording is strange in your post (hence the kinda scary quote) is this why ppl think you are a narc or is that some kind of joke i dont get yet?

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sleep is the only thing I really wish I could live without...i.e. if i do take anything is because I DO NOT want to feel tired and go to sleep....I would never take sleeping pills or anything of that nature just for fun.

I feel like there aren't enough hours in a day

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My mom takes it once in a while (after my stepfather died, the doctor prescribed it to her).....I took one once and it scared the crap outta me! It's like a curtain being pulled in front of your eyes, you are OUT.

I don't like them, I'd rather take some Tylenol PM

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for five or six hours of sleep i would reccomend tylenol pm taken an hour before you want to sleep or half an ambien .5. you have to know if you are prone to grogginess or not and if you are not fazed by downers then then that would be my starting rec dose. one ambien .5 knocks me out when i sniff and drink moderately (105 lbs 4 beers 4 shots teq 4 hrs) hee hee. but with out alcohol it takes longer....

just my little salad garnishes there

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