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Top 10 Tracks of the summer that you are playing

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This has been done a few times, but I want to know what everybody else is playing.

My List

1. Through With You : Little Green Men

2. Resonate : DJ Vibe Mix

3. Bilingual : Jose Nunez

4. Chunk A Funk : Dave Armstrong

5. My My My : Armand Van Helden

6. Dancin ( Fuzzy Hair Remix ) : Morillo, Nunez, Romero

7. What A Sensation ( Sensational Beatz ) : Masters @ Work

8. The Only One : Todd G.

9. Break Down The Doors ( Harry Choo Choo Mix ) : Erick Morillo Feat. Audio Bullys

10. Alert : Antoine Clamaran Pres. Supala

This is my top ten Floor Fillers. Lets see what you got. :dj:

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1. Havana Funk-Bakiri Ban (Original, Wawa) [Defected]

2. Brick City-Rhumba Magic [White]

3. Poker Pets-Lovin You [Nocturnal]

4. Brad Carter-Morning Always comes too Soon (Mark Knight mix) [Positiva]

5. Wawa-The After Party [Fluential]

6. Saturated Soul-Got To Release [Defected]

7. Max Linen-Flashback [Phonetic]

8. Carl Kennedy-The Love You Bring Me [stealth]

9. Michael Gray-The Weekend [Eye Industries]

10. Kult of Krameria-Esperanca [Twisted]

Anyone know when Carl Cox-Give Me Your Love comes out? It's on Intec


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1.Murk - Time (chab vocal mix)

2.Echomen - Cure

3. Calderone - Resonate (that kid chris mix)

4.Heavy Rock - Drummer (Robbie Rivera + Dj touche' mixes)

5.Grant Dell & Jay Tripwire - Slo Roast

6.Pope of Gregga - Storm of Pleasure

7.Torin Schmitt - Wicked November

8.Future acoustics - keep keepin on

9. Dj Petzi - New Dimension (midnight society mix)

10. Grim & Mankey - 3 weeks on the trot (Nathan Cole Remix)

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1. Tears for Fears - Shout - Skylark

2. Suzanne Palmer - Luv 2 Luv - Drum Assasins mix

3. Junior Jack - Stupid Disco - LC DUB

4. Danzel - Pump it up 2004 - Offer Nissm Mix

5. The attic - I Just cant Help it - Laid Mix

6.Summer Jam - C'Machia Mix

7.MJ - Smooth Criminal - Sultan and Tone Mix

8.MastilSoul - South Tribal

9.AVH - My My My

10. Afrikali - Out of the Jungle 2003

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Its not coming out on " intec " its coming out on " 23rd century " which is carl's other label.

thanks for the info, seems to be quite a bit of confusion on that as I've seen it charted by several djs as Intec...when does it drop?

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*PHEW* lots of goodies goin round right now!!

Latest Summer Mix Up:

1)Sandy B-Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish) @126.0 BPM

2)Wawa-No Problem(Extended)

3)Narcotic Thrust-I Like It(Mblack mix) How Can I hear More From This DJ?

4)Max Linen-Flashback

5)Tribalism-Nueva York

6)Rosabel feat. Jeanie Tracy-Cha Cha Heels(Tony Moran Club Mix)

7)Xperiment-Thrill(D-Formation Mix)

8)That Kid Chris-Dirty Sex

9)Nelly Furtado-Forca(Exacta Mix)

10)Leann Rimes-Suddenly(Riva Mix)

11)Brittney Spears-Toxic(C'machia Tribal Mix)

12)DJ Vibe-Kult Of Krameria(Extended)-Have no idea what song-Little help?


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1. My My My-avh

2. How Would You Feel- David Morales

3. Sexercise-altar( C' Machia Mix)

4. Drum Key- Fc Nond( Original Mix

5. Havanna Club-ottmar Liebert(rosabel Mix)

6. Be Together-dirty German

7. Bad Girl-nick Holder(solid Groove Mix)

8. tribal fonk- willy sanjaun

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These are the top ten dark/tribal 12" played by our artists which include DJ Ray Albano, DJ Paul Perri, DJ Jus Joe and DJ Steve Melnick.

1) Toru S - Luve Dub

2) DJ Amaze - Black Diva

3) The Cave - Street Carnival

4) Flatline - Lost/Found (white label)

5) Resonate - DJ Vibe

6) New Generation - UDG

7) V/A - Tribal Collection 2 (feat Marascia Remixes)

8) Ficho 1 - El Culto

9) Killabyte - Women Beat Their Men

10) Synchro 2 - Revitalize (Dark Tribal Mix)

Catch these tracks and more great tribal tracks spun LIVE every saturday from 12 noon - 2 pm all summer long only @ club 246 dot com!

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My Summer Top Ten...

(Some New,Ne Some Not So just stuff I play alot)

Armand Van Helden- My My My [TOMMY BOY]

Danny Tenaglia presents Kult of Krameria - Esperança [TWISTED]

Astro & Glyde- Aimless Dame [bEDROCK]

Greg O.- ReDrilled [TWISTED]

Harry "Choo Choo" Romero- Be The One [sUBLIMINAL]

DJ Dan- That Phone Track [sUBLIMINAL]

Peace Division- Deeper [JUNIOR]

Peter Bailey- Electrified [EN-SOUL]

Rik Santiago- Amnesia [CDR] (COMING SOON TO TWISTED)

Rob James & KC Anderson AKA The Burlington Boys- I'm Rick James [CDR]

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  • 3 weeks later...

Soul Central-Strings of Life (Mark Knight) [Defected]

A Studio-SOS (Skylark remix)

Armand Van Helden-My My My [Tommyboy]

Shapeshifters-Lola's Theme (various mixes and mash ups) [ultra]

Michael Grey-The Weekend [Eye Industries]

Janet Jackson-All Nite (Don't Stop) (LES Mix) [Virgin]

Narcotic Thrust-I Like It (M Black) [Yoshitoshi] Agreed, this M black is pretty sweet...

Mirabeau-Back from Outta Space [Motivo, Italy]

Granite and Phunk-Knock You Over [Toolroom UK]

and a toss between Phase 2-Voodoo Love (Lee Cabrera Mix) and Havana Funk-Bakiri Ban [Defected]

Honorable mention to Eric Prydz-Call on Me [MOS]

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Guest badboyblast

Here`s some tracks i`m playing at the moment, Mostly Techno.

Mikael Persson – Draft – Back Bone Records

Samuel L Sessions - S.A.D Pt 3 – Phont Records

Tomie Nevada – Endless Resource – Zenit Records

Kings Of Punani – Move your body – Tronic Records

Jesper Dahlback – Robot Dance – ELP Records

Trevor Rockcliffe – Tremor – Mentor Records

Seishi ono + Kut Goldcard – Play – Wildloops Records

Shark + Kemu – Moel Parameters – Earresistible Musick

Steve Angello – Funked – Size Records

Johan Cyber – Naturel Funk (Carl Cox Mix) – 23 Rd Century Records

Grudge – Liar – Tortured Records

Oliver Ho – Dark Magus – Meta

Kb Productions – Woman Beat There Men – K.B. Records

Andreas Kauffelt – Break The Circuit – Confused Records

Devilfish – Nagelbett – Frequent Records

Pascal Feos – Self Reflection (Andreas Kauffelt Remix) – PV Records

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