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Congrats to Kaydup


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Congrats to Kaydup 08-03-04 12:20PM Hey, I know you been lookin at my man. Step off. We're gonna get hitched! luff, Gaydup xoxoxoxox


So does this make official? Is he hitched or is this another joke...

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Who would have thought that : Drew could be just so romantic.........he kidnapped me to a Bed & Breakfast in Cornwall NY that just had this amazing scenery. The place was just adorned with flowers and our room even had a fireplace.

Then at night, he took me to the cozy Italian restaurant and actually stood up in front of the entire place and said, "I need everyone's attention!" "My name is : Drewdup, and this is my boyfriend, Gaydup, and I need to ask him something." "Gaydup, I love you, will you marry me?"My heart just dropped and he got on one knee and showed me this beautiful ring. The whole place clapped. I even made a few women start crying. After that we were just so excited we couldn't even eat!!

It just all went by so fast. It was not even 30 seconds of time and my whole entire life has changed. It's just amazing! I am glowing.

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