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Favorite Robbie RiverA rmx


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id have to get back to u on this question......rivera had alot of solid stuff about 2, 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont think i ever finished listening to all the tracks he realeased during those times!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have alooooooooot of them from a buddy that works with a record distributor that distributed his stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

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robbie rivera ft. steve edwards- i want more (b1 dub mix) .. sick build ups!!!

kylie minogue- come into my world (robbie rivera mix).. awesome beats

funky green dogs-burning up (robbie rivera mix)..oldie but goodie

here are some other mixes..

dj rooster & sammy peralta- I want to (robbie rivera mix)

dj dero- whitelabel (robbie rivera mix)

dj dero-mayday (robbie rivera's juicy dark dub)

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I too like everything he has done but if I have to choose just one I gotta go with....... Rockik-Memories (Juicy Dark Dub mix) Bugout dropped it on one of his earlier cd's. I still am looking for a song it mixes well with..... Anyway...Banger....

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Andre Garcia- Ritmo

Lamya- Never Enough (FIERCE DUB) :rock:

Rockik-Memories (Juicy Dark Dub mix)

:aright: :aright:

Ritmo is by George Morel though isnt it?

and as far as Josh Winx, i like robbie's mix, but in general i hate that track. that laughing effect annoys the sit out of me. at least robbie keeps it to a minimum.

another to add-Orgasm (rivera mix). think the tracks by thick dick? im not 100% sure bout that

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