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before sunset...


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just some suggestions:


permanant midnight

prime gig

rules of attraction

thirteen conversations about one thing

meet joe black

midnight in the garden of good and evil

devils advocate

love actually

about a boy

jersey girl

good will hunting


story of us

sweet november

matchstick men



family man

life or something like it,

along came polly

someone like you

down to you

pearl harbour

the bourne identity

the majestic


the brothers mcmullen

shes the one

stories from long island

high fidelity


american history X

as good as it gets

dog day afternoon

scent of a woman

love in time/money


reality bites

Gigli (lol everyone said it sucked but i think theres mad funny shit in it)

iron giant


swept away

training day


oh brother where art though

pirates of silicon valley



barbarians at the gate

bonfire of the vanities

chelsea walls

sidewalks of new york



wall street

donnie darko

true romance

oceans 11

out of sight

three kings

do the right thing

25th hour



anything by alfred hitchcock...

dr.goldfoot and the bikini machine...

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don't get me wrong, i like them too but tonight i'm in the mood for some lovey dovey shit or serious heart wrenching stories lol

to keep with the theme, watch Garden State, also if you liked before sunrise, you will love before sunset, it was very good. The last 2 scenes are phenomenal

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