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what HAVENT you tried?

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real crack,

iv based before, but never real crack..

i think i might of by accident,

a long time ago, my x boyfirends brother started smoking that shit, we took his bong to smoke some weed,

all of a sudden i got this really weird rush, i closed my eyes and it felt like i was falling, really really fast, it was weird,

but iv never actually did it..

methodone i guess iv never done, but i heard its like heroin which i tried , so i guess its pointless...

o and ghb which i have no desire to try, sounds like a really lame drug

i miss AcId.......

dust is my fav drug!!!

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lol I've actually always wanted to try it...I haven't bc ppl liken it to heroin and I've heard so many horror stories about it, but it still seems like it would be awesome to try

crack and heroin are nothing alike..but both pretty bad shit if you get into them heavy

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heroin is so easy to get...go to any corner in p town or newark..

dust is harder to get..but any project parking lot, somebody would have it

i dont go to corners to get drugs...i only get from ppl i know...

unless i am in a club and i get from someone inside...

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