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What;s the craziest or dumbest thing you've done to get drugs???

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i met a kid at a club who was a dealer and would give me stuff for hella cheap....i used to go by myself to the bronx and id have to talk to him and chill with him in his apt...it was completely crazy now that i think about it...i never hooked up with him or anything though..

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no, i do drugs..buti have the money to do them...

i really havent done anything crazy to get them...i guess go to the ATM and take out money...

oh, i guess this counts..one time i pawned some odl video games that i never played...but that was way back...

ive befriended people i wouldnt cause they had stuff or got it cheap..

but sex for drugs..idk...just rubs me the wrong way...sorry for judging....

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different strokes for different folks....I didn't have to worry about money until I got into the heavy shit....as I said, I've done things I'm not too proud of....but that was long ago...things have changed but i can never forget where I came from cause then I'm doomed to repeat

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