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September 11th benefit-Official Post

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So, here we are....30 days.

As everyone is more than aware on 9-11 we had one of the most horrific events in the history of mankind.

Its not a stretch to think that it will be mentioned in the same breath as many of the tragedies that have come and gone since the beginging of civilization.

Most people would agree, that mourning is healthy.

But there comes a time when Mouning shall pass and we must celebrate life, celebrate what people have lost and given to ensure that we can lie in our beds every nights knowing our families will be safe.

More importantly we need to do what we can to help those who have fallen, and still are trying to recover from the 9-11 attacks. The Families, and the Children...

for this event there are two Charities we will be donating to:



Take a moment to veiw these sites.

Each one of the DJs, promomotional companies, and other companies involved have graciously donated both time, effort & even products to help get this benefit off the ground.

And I thank each of them.

Having the particulars been said, heres the actual details of the event...

Sunday September 11th 2005 1pm to 1am

the WaterCLUB - Marina Bay (Quincy)













12 hours of dance music!!!!!!!!

we have plenty of added lil bonuses popping up by the day...Ill be sure to keep everyone posted

Feel free to...actually...PLEASE copy this post and through it up where ever you think it might help!!!!!

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Getting closer.... Looks like we're gonna have some nice weather too...

.........anyone see the ledger last night, 2 kids were stabbed in a fight leaving Marina Bay this past weekend, so pathetic... Its prolly one of the nicest places on the S. Shore, and these fucks gotta go and get unneeded exposure for it.


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The Marina itself has its own lil comitee.

and i assure you they are not the type of people that Welcome nightlife with open arms.

for years they have been trying the screw waterWORKS.

rumor has it, when the comitee got wind that Jamn94.5 had a night there, and then we did a show with ED Og & Slain they WERE NOT HAPPY.

luckily we have a "pass" cause the people that own waterCLUB also own Siros, ect ect ect....

So, they by the end of September the fate of waterWORKS will be decided.

granted EVERY year they say their building a hotel there.

But I have a feeling with them being down the last 2 years

Its not helping.....

But, its like anything that succeeds around here that has a bit of hiphop in it.

eventually the disrespecting, we rule the world, no consequences for our actions people start showing up and ruining it....

(which is only good news for us house folks) :splat:

(FYI) fights are WAY up this year.

but thats what happens when you add alot more people to the mix

ESPECIALLY when the "Pat Flannagann's" crowd comes down to the Marina.

we've been lucky though... we have very few.

usually they happen between the doors and the Parkinglot when 3 places spill a ton of drunk people into the parking lots

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Josh posted this on Manny's Board :type:

1-2 Greg Schneider


3-355 Massi

355-450 Paul Dailey

450-620 Taner & Tasty

620-715 Joe Mamma

715-810 Rick Naples (with any luck Sunset set)

810-905 Randy Deshaies

905-1015 Jay P & Eli Wilkie

1015-1110 Pat Fontes

110-1205 Adilson

1205 Some Monkey

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