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sox trade for beckett?


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i can't believe the marlins traded away our local hero Mikey Lowell and MVP world series pitcher Josh Beckett.

Well yeah i can... mikey had a bad year and josh is always injured.. lets free up some salary space..

the entire marlins team is being dismanteled.. we'll be left with Miguel Cabrerra, Dontrelle Willis and Juan Pierre and hopefully jeff conine. Can you say "re-building year". lol

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why is attendance so horrible in Florida anyway?

The d-rays just flat out suck and won't spend money on improving the team. The Marlins need a new baseball only stadium with a retractable roof. Who would want to watch a ballgame down there in the middle of the afternoon in July & August??

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so the only team in Florida is going to be the D-Rays????

why is attendance so horrible in Florida anyway?

Attendence sucks because the location sucks and there's so many other things to do in Florida that people just don't go. wayne hizenga owns dolphin stadium, the parking lot, everything in regard to the where the marlins play. You get out of work on a tuesday - drive home, get your family, look to the west and see what you "think" could be rain clouds and say to yourself - do i really want to battle traffic to get to the game, just to have it rained out? Hell no. The stadium isn't downtown and its in a shitty neighborhood. Working class people like myself, live 30+ miles away and well, south florida traffic sucks.

If they would build a stadium that had a retractable roof and was located either downtown or in broward county, perhaps more people would go.

Its sad that baseball might leave south florida, but at the same time, i can't blame them.

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