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Track of 2005?


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Lets keep hearing them!!!!!!!!

I dont really follow house, but i am going to listen to every (serious) song mentioned in this thread so i can hear some good tunes. I'll post my fav in a bit.....still not sure what mine is yet to be honest....got a few in mind

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Well you waste of life, Every Fuckin DJ played the track at the 2005 WMC, so to me its 2005.

Great just what this board needs, another asshole who gets off bye puttin people down.

Do me a favor, GO FUCK URSELF!!!!!

that kid headpusher is right..you are a moron. the track came out in 2004.. why pollute this board with false information..

why dont you go to some rookie clubsite get better informed..then come back when you are all grown up

you piece of shit..

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no thanks. got the cdr from the lable ;)

thanks for the offer tho

no prob, quick question for ya, im lookin for the track London Residents - Bad Magic, cant find that shit anywhere, Isnt that track at least a year old. Santana dropped it last time at Deko, track bumps, Where could I get it.

Thanks for the help

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chris lake - changes [alternative route]

i have it on cdr since its not released yet detroit but you can listen to it on desyn masiello's balance 008 cd


balance 008 mite be the best album of the year...but it doesn't compate to Balance 005

Balance 005 - Best Studio Mixed album EVER!!!!!

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Watch the sunrise - Axwell

Love this track...played it all summer on the deck @ Casbah around 445am just as the sun started to rise...


Together - Axwell & Ingrosso

Turn on the music - R. Sanchez

I watch You - Lee Cabrera

Say what you want - Ian Carey

DJ Chus - That feeling

I know there are like 10 more I'm forgetting...

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