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Who do you miss?????


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his girl, brandy76 (i think is her name), keeps him tied up in the basement and wont let him post anymore...
i remember brandy76; she's the one who tried to start a war with me for putting up a "r.i.p. casey" thread 2 weeks after 9/11. she said that i was a horrible person and evil and blahblahblah because casey was alive... i was just trying to honor the memory of a woman who had had an amazing impact on my life, and brandy was hating on me because that was the way she expressed her grief. i think she eventually tried to make up with me --- or, at least, that's how i like to remember it.

i still think of casey; if it hadn't been for that meetup that february at bombar i wouldn't've met some people that are key in my life still - five years later (including my roommate out here in orange county).

i never meant any disrespect to casey; i think brandy76 did understand that in the end, but she didn't post on cp much after casey died.

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Guest gabo
and this bitch even though i don't know her...one of my favorite CP pictures though...had to dig deep in to the stash for this one



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