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Perc are a opiate based pain killer (hydrocodine I think but don't quote me)

Crushing and snorting them gives you better absorbsion than oraly so you get more of that opiate euphoria.

BTW they have acetomiacin (sp?) in them wich can seriously fuck with your liver if you drink much on them, not to mention habit forming etc...

Drugs are bad

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sexxychicklett is correct...Vicodin is hydrocodone...Perc's are oxycodone. Both have acetomenaphen <--spelling which tax the shit out of your liver by themselves let alone while doing other drugs.

Insuffilating (snorting) either of these is really a waste of a good high. There are so many fillers in both of these that all you are doing is inhaling junk. Swallowing the pills is the only way to get the most bang for your buck.

Now...let's talk OxyContin...this is a small pill the size of a small pebble..it is a very potent form of oxycodone. It is the only 12 hour pain killer on the market right now. It has a time release coating that you can suck off. Once removing the time relase coating...you are in for an immediated release of oxycodone (16 percs are the equivalent to one 80 mg pill) with out the acetomenaphen! Some people swallow hole, chew the pill, snort it or shoot it.

It is second in line being covered by the media next to X.

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One big big warning:

DO NOT GET HIGH WHILE YOU'RE TAKING PERCOCET. You get an evil reaction which causes your heart to go crazy, like 200+ bpm for your pulse. (and this was just normal dosage, like 1 or 2 pills and a bowl or two)

I did this and thought I was going to die for about an hour and half.

I later ran into a couple of people who had the exact same reaction.

Unless you want a near-death experience I don't recommend it.

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