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Exit Meetup Oct 19

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This is gonna be a HOT NIGHT,, Im down 1000% ,, Should we have a meet up on 2nd Floor NEar the First Booth closer to the stairs, NIce place got a lot of light, and a lot of room ,, and not Soo noisy..

If anyone Wants to add there location., Something better Etc.. POst it up :)

Btw IM also selling Ticketzzzzzz,, I heard regular admission is like 35 Beans,, I will let you guys know everything Tommorow, Price for the tix Etc...

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of course im down i live at that place and factory saturdays!!!

i had a phat meetup last time....and i know sicktracks is making a meetup too and im doin one on www.mainepromos.com to get some more peeps.....i was planning on making a meetup post this upcoming monday with location and time so i guess just look for that on monday!!! laterz all


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ok i guess

i havent been able to get people out clubbing

most of my dormmates are the r&b/hip-hop type, which is fine, but i cant get them to try anything new. i know they would enjoy garage (fast r&b basically) but they refuse to try it. i have also tried to get them out to clubs that play both house and hip-hop (like on seperate dance floors, like exit) but they dont want to do that either. i miss the cp meetups!!!!!!!

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