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***Official ORGANIZE THE WEEKEND Thread!***

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OK soldiers...

Here's the deal. All these threads have gotten totally out of hand, so everyone post here the following:

Where are you going to be Friday night? (Meetup at Buzz, let's say 1:30 in the bathroom hallway)

Are you going to Chyna's party Saturday night?

Where are you going AFTER Chyna's party Saturday night?

ALL OTHER BS IS TO BE KEPT OUT OF THIS THREAD (just this one... i know we can do this!).

My answers:

Friday: Buzz

Saturday: Chyna's party then GLOW for Bossi/Cosmic Gate.(anyone going to GLOW gimme names names names!)

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i see....and so while im watching the simpsons, you'll be thinking about how to cram in 20 pages by Monday 10 am...

that's ok...ill pass on partying for ONE weekend...

and by the way ms. volkswagon, doesnt bossi come once a month to glow, as well as saeed and palash at buzz?? as Plato said, "patience is a virtue"....

and also, why meetup in the bathroom hallways? the NY club crew (the veteran professional partiers, of course ;))at deep dish met under the left balcony facing the DJ booth to the very end of the bar on the main floor....why go through all that traffic when you guys could meetup right in the middle of the action? Just my 2 pennies....

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Friday: I'll try to make it to Buzz by the meet-up time. I may even try to get there early this week!

Sat: Can't make the party. :worry2:

It's a friends birthday and he wants to booze at Lucky Bar. I think I may pour liquor on him and light him on fir... I mean get him liquored up so he passes out early, then head over to Glow.

Sun: is there a meet-up at Modern? or is that the next weekend?

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Originally posted by vicman

check the ez dreamer board.

You gotta do some nerdy stuff to get it to work. Use the IMG button to embed the image off of the EZDreamer URL into your post. But you'll need to go to the EZDreamer board and get the URL's of your favorite smileys.


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