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Im so sick :(((((


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j/k... I had some shit last week, flu like symptoms, light headed, increased heart rate, nauseous... blah, took a couple days im aiight now... most of my friends just had the same shit, i think its some bug going around or something...

Vitiman C and Chicken Soup... ??? who knows.

Btw i heard that they might have a cure for the common cold if it gets FDA approval... its shortens it to one day... not bad... anyhoo feel a better.

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Originally posted by dgmodel


By the way since you mentioned... Medication that cures shit caused by Anthrax is antibiotic called "Cipro", or thats what i've read.

I know that shit is stupid, and that Anthrax possiblility getting near me or anyone in here is near %0.00001... but i just keep a pack of "Cipro" in my house just in case shit... You know better be safe than sorry.

Please read about symptoms, cause eating that antibiotic just cause you thought you got virus is a bad thing to do. Cipro kills so much shit from human's system that its not even funny. So be careful.

In case im wrong, please DO correct me.

... and Steve i hope you'll get better soon. If you feel its kinda like flu type, drink hot tea with honey, it relieves throat pain.

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Originally posted by crystalmethod

I was so sick all day today I couldnt get out of bed until now and even then everything is spinning, Im nauesaous and I feel like shit :(

Anyone else catching whatever it is?

AYE POBRESITO. Actually I am in the early stages of something bad myself. i can feel it. I hope you feel better soon sweety.

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