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Where can I find shrooms in NYC?


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Im thinking of getting one of those grow kits from High Times myself.Shrooms are prretty hard to come by in the city.....unless ya know the right people.Back in the day there was a great comic book store in the village that would take care of all my hallucenigenic needs,but that is long gone:(

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sorry to say, but they're very hard to come by here in NYC. every now and then a dealer will have, but that's rare.


Don't waste your money on those kits...build your own, and it will be much better. A monkey in a dream I once had told me that Psilocybe fanaticus is the best place to go... www.fanaticus.com

He told me that he followed the instructions there and also did some reading at www.shroomery.org . He told me that the "fanaticus" strain was the best, and easiest to grow. some of the items may take some hunting down, but this monkey told me that it was very satisfying to build your own setup, not to mention it can be customized to suit your needs.

P. S. the guy(s) at fanaticus are reliable, and honest. Send them cash, and a brief letter stating only what you want, and they will deliver.

P. P. S. Growing shrooms is illegal in NYC, but having spores in a syringe isn't.

Good Luck

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Originally posted by gmccookny

HellZ yeah we eat shrooms! with pizza, tea, spaghetti n meatballs.... Whatever works, man.

And SaSs, sorry but i'm dry. maybe next week. New friend in Albany got the hookups for me. check your pm's.


I love mushrooms with pizza, mushroom soup...and mushrooms with chicken and vegetables in a nice white wine sauce with pasta...mmmmm...

And yes, I shroom. I quit doing E a few months ago (I'm glad about my decision too), so I am sticking to weed and shrooms now....I quit weed for a while, but went back to it...I am a true pothead in every sense...I smoke every single day a few times a day...lol...but one day I shall quit! But while I'm in college..fuck no!

Gmccookney...I will...if you can score them before Tuesday I would be very happy...and check your pm's :)

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