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Do you find this sexy?

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my gym gets a couple of guys/gals that train for mr.universe and female version of it. The women are HUGE!!!! Really can't find a woman attractive if she can benchpress me...wait..nevermind..

Britney must be using that breast cream or is a 3 year puberty phase..geeze, ultimate shag-it then leave it girl..

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Originally posted by vision

thats how they look for a competion

once the competion is over these girls are AMAZING!!!

"These girls" look amazing all the time. The photo is from a newly created class in bodybuilding called the "figure" competition. Yes they are muscular, ripped and have very low body fat, but they are not big whatsoever. The new NPC class was created to represent a sexier fit female, not the bulkier manly woman that the female bodybuilding class now represents.

I happen to know the winner of the 1st Ever Innuagural NPC Figure Competition, she's ripped and muscular but she's very still very sexy in the off season and pre-contest. Take a look for yourself... http://www.npcnewsonline.com/new/contestimages/2001NPCNFC/index.htm

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