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Breast tenderness...


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Ahh.. just got over that phase a fe days ago... I swear I had to by all new bra's cause now my lil nana's aren't soo lil any more... I don't know where I get all this body changes from... Sheesh... But I just wanna throw in, I don't want my man anywhere near my babies when they hurt like that, unless he's real gentle with them... but it's kinda hard to tell one of my b/f's to be gentle when he knows i usually like it rough and nasty... So I usually just keep em off...

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Well my breasts rarely swell (don't I wish) or get sore or anything like that. My nipples on the other hand, now those babies can get super-sensitive... I definitely could not deal with any rough manhandling or teeth... but any light caresses or licks are like wowowowow! :eek:

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Originally posted by tastyt

but any light caresses or licks are like wowowowow! :eek:

Now that I think about it, these butterfly kisses i coul go for, specally when they just want some gentle affection. But my guys usually can't keep there hands off em when ther like that, cause they get soo swollen and perky it's unbelievable, I'm talking an entire cup size, if not more. And this just started happening a few months ago. My body is like a never ending frigging mystery to me... Pfft...

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ok...I may be going in a completely different direction with this...But I just got my "monthly bill" about 2 weeks ago...and already the boobolas are feeling tender again. That means I'm getting it like, soon....real soon! Cycle changes suck the big one!

F'N SYNDERELLA!!!! You jinxed me with this shit....:mad:

Marci Darci will be gettin' no action!!!! BLah!

:peeright: . :peeleft:

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