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Weirdest place you had sex.


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After years of doing this, I still think about it, like I did something wrong. I dunno here's the story...

One day me and my girl was walking through the woods on a nice day, and we stumbled onto a cemetary, so we decided to take a look at it, smoke a butt or whatever...so we pull up to a tombstone, I started kissing her and stuff, I took my jacket off laid it on the grass then we both sat/laid down and we had sex right there on top of the plot.

After sex, we looked up at the tombstone, we were reading that it was a Nun's grave. We had sex on top on a nun's grave.

What do ya think.. Am I going to hell... heh. :(

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uhh.... that's just something I wouldn't admit in public, and something I would have to take to a confessional booth... It's kinda spooky if you ask me... :eek:

I think the best, not weirdest, place was in the ocean... during daylight hours, with a beach full of people... was just something real erotic about feeling the cold ocean water on me... looking into my guys watered eyes... with his hair all sticking to the side of his face... ohh soo yummy...;)

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Then I'm sure the man upstairs forgives you as well as I...;)

What I have found to be the best advice to follow, as an independant person growing up..... Never feel sorry for your actions... Have no regret's... And just enjoy your life... You didnt hurt anyone, so it's ok my sweets....;)

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since im a nympho

i basically jump on my bf whenever i get the chance

ive done the typical exhibitionist locations like the beach in a club

in an elevator

then i got into moving vehicles, which is so thrilling

in a car and on a jet ski

however we did run into some minor troubles

while driving somehow my leg put the car in neutral

and while on the jet ski when he came he did a sharp turn that sent us flying off, haha

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SEX in spontainious places.

As long as its clean, and not too many people see.

Some of my other spots were:

Under the stage in limelight

Girls bathroom S.I. Ferry Terminal

My parents bed


On a Terrace



In the Snow

I think the bedroom is boring sometimes, need a different change of pace this way things stay fresh!

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Originally posted by danni133

One word:BRRRRRRRRRRRR :eek:

Your gonna laugh when I tell you this maybe u can relate, but she wanted me to dip my stick into the snow and then put it in hehe, she liked to feel the cold inside...i dont blame her its like a damm oven down there :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Fluid- no biggie, I've had sex in a cemetery plenty of times. There's a historical revolutionary cemetery my friends and I used to hang out at all the time in high school. I don't think it was ever on a nun's grave though! :eek:

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Originally posted by chris817

in a cab going to penn station

Ha Ha... Last St. Patricks Day... I did the same, only we forgot to pay attention to how soon we were getting there, and the cab door opened right in front of hundreds of people... All trying to get a cab... I was like...:eek:;)

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