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Besides clubs....

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I go to lounges, go to the mall when I have money, maybe go see a movie, and then when my boyfriend is here from college we hang out and maybe when its nice out we go to a nature center and walk and bring a picnic basket :) If I go up to Pennsylvania I'll go fishing lol. I looooove fishing, last summer me and my bf caught a whole bunch of bass (I think it was a family :( ) and we ate em haha, they were goooooood though yummmm

And in the winter I love to go skiing although I havent gone in a while

Ummmmm, lol something weird that I do is read thru my old diaries sometimes from when I was younger, and that just brings back alotta nice memories for me. Go thru old pictures and stuff, or my some of the boxes filled with stuff from when I was younger haha

Hmmm what else, re-arrange my make-up case lol, my room, or throw out clothes that I dont wear.

yeah so thats just some of the stuff I do when Im not at clubs.

oh yeah and eat and sleep:D :D


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Workin out, tinkering with my truck (seems i can NEVER leave it alone no matter how much shit i put in it lol), doing car stereo/tv installs for my boys on the side, sleeping...thats about my life...oh ya and school in between

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I LOOOOOVE snowboarding, go out to movies (though haven't seen any good ones yet) , wanna get into broadway plays, love BBall and baseball games, Hiking, bike riding on trails, and going to the beach in the summer:cool:

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damn.. i do nothing.. lol.. i work 5 days a week and go to school the other 2. this is my weekly schedule..

Mon- work 8a-4p

tues- school 9:30a-8p

wed- work 12p-8p

thurs- school 9:30a-6p

fri- work 12p-8p, then roxy

sat- work 4p-12a and now exit

sun- work 4p-12a

pretty pathetic... i can sum up my weekly schedule like that

when i do have time i go to the movies, i hate shopping.. umm thats about it! :(

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