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I've tried it a couple of times. Had really good and really bad expericence with it. One or two caps is enough for me to be ok with. Biggest problem i have is when i combine it with some of my other favorites substances. And when you G-out..not cool..my girl friend though I was going to die. But other people will have different experiences with It. I'm not going to use it anymore. Crashed my car at 5:30 in the AM leaving an afterparty and G'ed out behind the wheel...Stupid thing to do. One of lifes lessions learned I guess...Peace..Glenn

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i posted this on another board a while ago... here is my response to your question :(

I had a friend who recently died this past Tgiving from G. He wasn't all banged up that night and was also drinking (which is supposed to be the worst combo bc both are non-stimulants) he went to sleep and never woke up.

i know two many ppl with horror stories who have g'd out (including myself). my friends almost brought me to the hospital bc i was knocked out for over 3 hours. THankfully one of my gf's is a RN and kinda took charge of the situation so it didnt' come to that. if you one of your friends is on it, and they are complaining that they are tired and sleepy, try to keep them walking, talking or something active bc once they sit or lay down they will most likely knock out/"g out". it slows your heart rate down and brings your sugar levels way down too. So if they are "g'd out" watch their heart rate and try to get some sugar in their body somehow (my friends tried to stuff candy and sugar down me) if they remain in an unconcious state for couple hours plus there are no signs of stirring, awakening etc, get them to a hospital. at the end of my "knock out period" i kept waking up for a couple seconds and then falling back in. I guess if i wasn't doing this and fighting to wake up, they were gonna call the ambulance.

so obviously my advice is stay clear away from this i know everyone says that you can take just about anything with moderation but the problem with this is you really never know what you are getting cuz ppl dilute and f*ck iwth the contents all the time.

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