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something i learned this weekend...


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Originally posted by magilicuti

for guys its more like the head and the penis. penis makes us do a lot of stupid shit. brain isn't much better though

yeah... i'm feeling like that was the case this weekend for me... the dick took over thinking and everything just went downhill from there... :unhappy:

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i couldn't agree more. It's amazing the things we'll do and the mistakes we make when we feel lonely. At least i know that's what happens with me.

i'm sorry, Jess :( Hope whatever happened wasn't any worse than what happened to me this weekend.

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*100 smoochies to Moonie*

...thinking w/ the wrong head sucks..but is all too common....and chances are, we all make that same mistake over and over....

Sometimes I think you take the dick thinking of it as a piece of that person....when it really is a totally separate human being...it's either that, or like Cintron said, we look at it like a cure for feeling lonliness....but it really just makes it worse....

Either way..dealing w/ dick can be dangerous....:shake:

Hope you feel better Sweetcheeks! :half:

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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

not longer than the distance between u and the nearest toilet when u really really gotta go

lol......i HEAR THAT!!!!!!! especially after a few too many!

btw~*i LOvE matthew broderick....ESPECIALLY as the great ferris!!

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