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  1. Miami

    check out the miami new times
  2. Vegas for New Years...best way to get in?

    bottle servive through the bigger named clubs. I f u buy tickets for the bigger named ones u will spend the count down likely waiting in line. Be there extremely early. plan well ahead and plan to spend.
  3. Celebrating a girl's 21st BDAY

    show up around 8:30. By 10 o clock the line is already very long
  4. Scam or Deal?

    The clubs hand them out for free. Never pay for any of those. The passes can't always deliver too. Like special events or sometimes only good for half off cover.
  5. Some Newbie Vegas club help?

    Get to Pure early- even if you are on the list. Like around 11.
  6. Reminds me of my childhood. Except my Dad thought it hilarious to point it out to everyone and laugh. I still need therapy.
  7. Would this be a good look, LOL!

    These guys are perfectly fine dress code wise and , I wish more guys would dress up like this and avoid hassle at the door. As for being cool- jeez my opinion is that cool is an attitude and a state of mind. You could look grungy and have a certain attitude and demeanor and be cool in my book.
  8. Change Clothes and Go:Dress Code

    When in doubt....dress up and be nice. Pretty simple.
  9. Any relaxed dress codes at afterhours or good clubs?

    This is Vegas- just dress up. Period. Avoid the hassle at the door. Avoid the debates- they won't make a doorman change his mind- just get on his nerves more. Different clubs are what they are. Stop trying to change them into what you want them to be. Simply go somewhere else. There is something for evryone here. The people who run these places and are turning a dollar might just know what they are doing-they are successfully runnning a lucrative and poppular bussiness. Just do your homework and you will know where to go........
  10. March 21-27

    Pure is right there in Ceasars Palace.
  11. Dress code question....

    Jeans are o kay as long as they are with a dress shirt. Shoes- get something dressy or a boot that you can almost mistake for a dress shoe. With some places it doesn't matter how much you paid for your sneakers or any other non dress shoes. You will get turned away. As for t-shirts very few can look stylish enough to get away with it. When in doubt dress up....
  12. Ministry of Sound Mega Club in US. What do you think?

    That would be freagin awesome!!! I was wondering when they were gonna get around to it.
  13. what would you do in a situation like this...

    You would have to have some interest in guys yourself to even consider it. Come on- some dude is staring at me with his equipment pulled out? No way I would be able to squeeze one off in that situation.
  14. Rachel Weisz...

    Definetely hot-