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  1. Don't But Passes For Empire

    I had to post because those of you that know me knows that I love the after hours scene! I have been in it now for over 7 years!! I loved Drais! I have great memories there and often think back of the endless nights that was spent there! I have also gone to Empire on countless times!! Empire is a HOT spot! A nice change and also a great venue. But Empire does not give the same vibe, energy or sleekness that was at Drais. Its just not the same. When I walked into Drais they remembered me... they were glad to see I was there once again! At Empire its just not that way. I can go there every weekend and to them I am just another face... another body in their venue.
  2. Empire Ballroom

    Vegas is ALWAYS better on Saturdays. But either night at Empire is good.. Have FUN!!
  3. "Fuck Utopia" Its 2006 not 1996, electronic is dead!

    How sad you stopped!!! LOL I thought you always have!
  4. "Fuck Utopia" Its 2006 not 1996, electronic is dead!

    DOUBTFUL!!! I am very twisted!!!
  5. "Fuck Utopia" Its 2006 not 1996, electronic is dead!

    No it is not open. *sigh* The new venue is Empire. It is a good spot but not as good as Utopia.
  6. EXACTLY!!!! I am now also 30 and been in the scene for 12 years!!! I am going longer, stronger and harder than ever before!! I love the scene!!! Everything about it! I don't see myself getting out of it anytime soon either!!!
  7. Why wouldn't hip hop sample house beats??? It has some of the best beats around!! The ones that go right through you.... Gotta love that feeling!!!!
  8. "Fuck Utopia" Its 2006 not 1996, electronic is dead!

    All this Utopia talk is funny to me.... Remember the good times and all of the memories made there. Nothing will ever be like it again. So sad most of these Utopia haters were never even there!! Maybe if they listened to house or spent a minute in Utopia they would be much "Happier" people!! HA!
  9. What are you kidding me!!!! Party with a bunch of 40 year olds!! Why don't you stay at the Beach or Bikinis or maybe Mooses because that is just where you will be if you don't want to hang out with us "Old Folks"!! Most of us will out party you newbies any day!!! If you don't want to relive the birth of Vegas Night life than don't go!! And how can you even begin to insult an era that you were never even a part of??? EW....
  10. Beauty Bar?

    I love the Beauty Bar!! It is so cool in there!! It is a punk scene. They play electroclash and soft industrial. Its first come first serve. They don't sell bottles there!! The drinks are pretty cheap too! Its not a club so its more laid back... t shirt and jeans.
  11. Coming To Vegas From Brooklyn 8/10-8/14

    What are you doing for afterhours?? The Voodoo Lounge has a new night on Thursday.. I haven't been but have heard great things about it!!! Might want to check that out! Have you been to Vegas before?
  12. Vegas Bound 8/5/05-In search of Club

    Can't wait to meet you!!!
  13. So is this going to be on Saturdays too?? Are they going to play hip-hop in the main room??
  14. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    If I pm you will you tell me?? We go way back!! lol I need to call ur a$$!! I have been a slacker of friend. Sorry... please forgive me!!
  15. Vegas Bound 8/5/05-In search of Club

    Dito!! Ice or Pure. Pure has house and hip hop also.