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I was reading an article today that said that younger and younger girls are opting for implants. One doctor reported that his youngest patient so far was 15 years old. That's so young.

don't you think?

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Originally posted by jy

yeah i was kind of shocked and disgusted too. It's just the wrong time to take on a decision like that. :(

Amen, I know it sounds simple, but I think every human's body is unique in it's own way... respect nature, on every jar there's a cover...

And Jy, what's up with that sig of yours, sounds kinda sad don't you think?

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Originally posted by misk

i think the doctor who performs breast augmentation on a 15 year old is just as fucked up as her parents/guardian allowing the surgery

Yes... it sounds highly unethical to me...

But what I really can't understand is how anyone could let their 15 yo daughter have that procedure... that's disgusting.

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