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What size is TOO big?!?

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How many inches of penis is too big?

Any petite girls here ever been with a king kong dong? (like 10 inches)

What's too small?:eek:

Any girls ever had a curved penis?:laugh:

I think 6 is okay, 7 is okay, 8 is perfecr, and 9 is a challenge.:D

What do u think?

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My ex BF was probably like 10 inches. The first time we slept together I was like, OUCH!!!! I got used to it....but he defintely reached places no other man will before. I have to say that it did get uncomfortable at times. I couldn't even do him doggy style b/c it hurt to much.

I'd have to say the perfect size is like 7 inches WITH the curve. The curve does wonderful things:D

I wouldn't say there is anything I've seen that was too small. It's all about how the guy works the package he's got. You can still fuck good with a 5 incher if you know the right moves.

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I think 7 to 8 would be perfect. I have never been with a man that has been "Big" in the pants, just average size men for me. So I can't speak from experience on having a man hurt me. But I have had friends that have been with or are with men that are big and they complain about it hurting. So just average is fine for me.

On the other end of the spectrum, thanks but no thanks to guys that have a pencil in their pants, is it in yet????:laugh:

And yes Lolly, the curve does do wonderful things....:D

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