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When it comes to babies. . .


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Originally posted by clubkat

What do you think your first born will be?

Personally a girl. . .and I dont know y. . .but i have this gut feeling my first is gonna give me hell :tongue:

Wanna have a love-kitten?

or we could just try to have one...;)

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Has anyone of you ever used a pendle? It's funny but my mom and my sister's results were on 100%.

I've tried it too a few times and the result was always: one girl...which I also felt always very certain about.

Now that I'm with my baby...I've never tried it again (as it's not something that is on our minds right now)...but somehow, I feel very strongly that the outcome would be different.

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I have always felt in my gut also that my first would be a girl. Just something I know will happen... I hope to have two boys and girl, but we shall see... Who knows... I really want like 14, but who knows if I wll ever meet a man who could all handle that... hehe...

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Originally posted by phuturephunk

. . . for I time I really wanted children . . . I could so see myself being a daddy . . . but I don't really feel that way anymore . . .

...you're too young to be talking like that...

take it from me...it comes and it goes...it'll come back when you least expect it..

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That, depending on the sexual position each mate takes, you can optimize what gender of child you'd like.

I guess other factors matter too, like the time of the month, who's on top/bottom, and what each partner wants for a child .

I myself would love to have a boy, then a baby girl :)

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