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Favorite Teams??


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NBA- Nets

NHL- don't follow at all - N/A

NFL- a mindless sport that needs to go away - N/A

MLB- Yankees I guess, don't follow baseball

Soccer - Man. U, Blackburn

MLS- a very poor excuse for a pro soccer league, but I'll go with out hometown boys here - MetroStars

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Originally posted by gmccookny

NBA= Knicks (used to be Golden State Warriors with Mullin, Webber, Hardaway and Spreewell)

NHL= :confused:

MLB= Mets

NFL= Giants

Soccer= Belgium National team

College team = Duke baby :D

Golf= JOhn Daly

Sumo wrestling= Akebono

o shiznit!! u used to like the RUN TMC warriors..thats hot!

and sumo wrestler- Takanohana...dude runs shit..i fuckin loveeeeeee sumo wrestling

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NFL - Miami Dolphins - (all though I do cheer for the Lions too)


MLB - Yankees n' the Marlins

MLS - no clue - don't watch soccer

NBA - not a basketball fan, but umm, go Heat & Nets

GOLF - Sergio Garcia and I guess Tiger Woods too.

NASCAR - Earnhardt JR:D

COLLEGE - MIAMI (#1!) - Michigan State (only when they play Michigan).


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Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Bucs, Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, South Florida Bulls (Fucking Oklahoma grrr), Florida State, UMass (for basketball), BoSox, Michigan (being forced to root for them at the moment), Marlins

I'll have to ask the g/f about sumo. I know there's some guy she's nuts about, but I can't remember his name, only that he's from the south island and smallish for a sumo.

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