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SO whats everyone's REAL name??

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Okay sure - say what you want, but let me tell you this - You do not know either of us, so DO NOT pass judgement.

People like you that take pleasure in starting drama on here need to get over themselves. There's no point to it and absolutely no need for it..... Oh but wait, maybe posting meaningless comments about two girls can make a GREAT person like you feel better about themselves.

This is the last you'll hear from me on this subject because I'd rather not waste anymore energy on you.

Life is too short to let ignorant people get to you.

Take care! :D

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Or whatever the hell your name is, if you dont like the threads I start or the posts that we write back to, dont waste your PRECIOUS time and energy to answer them. I NEVER start drama on this board but I believe it would be in your best interest to shut the big gapping hole in your face about people that you dont know ANYTHING about. Truth is, we probably have more class, intellect and charisma in our pinky then you do in your whole squirmy body. I am not going to waste my time creating or feeding into stupid mellowdramatic drama; but I will end with this...IF you dont know, dont judge. Because in reality its people like you who give HUMANS a bad name...have a great weekend:D

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