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Originally posted by abortionator

Fuck drinks, I want Vicodin.


I've got cash to burn but everyone wants to sell me weed and E. :rolleyes:

shutup stupid... by "lets all get drinks" i basically mean... "lets all meet at a club, and "TALK" *WINK WINK* about Vicodin with a lot of money in your pocket when you walk in, but not when you walk out...

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i smoked vicodin once at this party. i didnt know wtf was going on afterward. next thing i know im outside with a bunch of people standing in front of a cop car talkin to cops. turns out 5-0 raided the party and someone grabbed me and took me outside so as not to get caught. the cops chased everyone that was running, i just stood there in a daze but i guess they thought i wasnt doing anything wrong cuz they didnt say anything to me. that was a funny ass night.

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