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What is your favorite nut ?

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Originally posted by Mystify22

This is definitely a tough one, I'm quite the nut fan!

I'd say these are my favorites in order:




I'm with you... But change the order...

Pistachios are first... ( So fucking addicting )

Then Cashews

The Peanuts

And Add Almonds

Wallnuts... :D

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Originally posted by origskeemr

I only like the ones in the city that are warm and have coconut on it... Dont know what they are called:confused:

:confused: never heard but they sounds yuuummaayyyy :drool:

anywho.. i <3 almonds, macademia nuts and peanuts :D

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Originally posted by mssabina

what, no one likes hazelnuts? those are probably my fave... i like almonds too.

...i loooove hazelnuts...and almonds...and cashews...and pecans....lol...as i said earlier, macademia was just one of the many...when i was a little boy my dad would buy a mixed bag, and my sisters and i would fight on who would crack them for him...ahhhh memories....

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