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same sex marriage...


Same Sex Marriage...  

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  1. 1. Same Sex Marriage...

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    • why would anyone want to get married regardless of sexuality???

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Originally posted by i3itch

To each their own...

Doesn't affect my life

Let them live theirs :love:

exactly. it's not for politicians/lawmakers to decide who should and shouldn't be allowed to make official commitments to each other.
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I agree with Civil Unions.. cause i mean, why the fuck not.. they're human beings just like us.. they should be recognized as a married couple. People need to get over this thing of man and Woman only

why does that arguement matter.. that's a Church thing

and Church and state do not mix

Now.. why do i say Civil Unions?

Because some groups are pushing for marriage under the Church, and that can not happen... the reason? Because the govt should not have to put any laws on any religion simply because Church and State are seperate.

If the church decides it's okay for Gays to be married, then hey, more power to them.. but under no way should gays be able to force the Church to recognize Gays

it has to be up to the church to make that happen

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Originally posted by sassa

i'll probably get crucified for this..... but i'm against it.

...depends on what you base your statement on...if it's ignorant, which i sincerely doubt, then you should be caned and then crucified...if it's a legitimate argument, than it will just be an opinion others will have to respect and not try to change....

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Definitely for it, especially since same sex marriages are usually between two consenting adults.

Marriage is a really touchy issue, and one may sound very stupid trying to define what marriages should and shouldn't be allowed. Many of those who are opposed to same-sex marriages may often suggest that such marriages only open the door for other unhealthy marriages, such as those between family members.

However, straight and gay marriages are now entered into for various reasons, many of which are directly related to the primary values underlying traditional notions of heterosexual marriage. Many same-sex individuals who live in Civil Unions enjoy many of the rights and privilleges that heterosexual couples enjoy. Allowing marriage between same-sex couples doesn't seem like too much of a stretch, and can allow for even greater rights and protections (which are well-deserved) under the law.

To those who say "Well, does this mean that any two individuals who consent should be married?" No, of course not, and the question of "what is a valid marriage" will only be explored and expanded even more as time goes on. However, consent does play a very big part. My theory (as half-assed as it may seem) is that marriage should be allowed if (1) both parties to a marriage are over the legal age of consent; are (2) actually consenting; and (3) are not ancestors or descendants of each other's family lines. Other issues regarding marriage (such as citizenship, residency, etc) need to be addressed of course, but I think the criteria for judging the "fitness" of parties for marriage should be something along those lines. If one were to truly consider the validity and morality of a marriage, a shitload of factors would have to be taken into account, not merely the sex of the parties.

Overall, I don't think that the archaic idea of marriage as a sacrament to be entered into only by man and woman is still valid. We've come too far.

I don't think an "expansion" of the definition of marriage is even necessary, but many lawmakers need to recognize that, although marriage has come to mean more than a bond between man and woman, it still protects the same values for homosexual individuals that it does for heterosexual individuals. Aside from procreation, the reasons underlying many gay marriages are similar to, if not the same as, the reasons underlying heterosexual marriages (i.e. companionship, happiness, solace, family, etc).

The more I think about same sex marriages, the more I see how they are similar they are to heterosexual marriages, substantively speaking.

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Originally posted by Mystify22

I am all for it just because I think its unfair that same sex couples don't receive the same rights as heterosexual couples do as far as medical decisions if your partner is sick, health benefits, etc.

Actually there are a few things that Homosexual couples get that herterosexual couples do not get...

For instance in my company. The only way 2 people can file for domestic partnership and get medical coverage for your partner you have to be of the same sex. Domestic Partners of the oposite sex cannot use domestic Partnership to obtain coverage for there partner...

To me that is discrimination as well. :mad:

As for the marriage thing... Like stated by most... To each his own. If a couple is happy. Why stop them.

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