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Originally posted by MadamMillie

that pic is disturbing. my sophomore (i think?) year of college, we had a local fanatic set herself on fire on the main walk of campus to make a point/stance about something...she died.

Natural selection.

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What's funniest is that even though you remember that she set herself on fire for a cause, you don't remember what that cause is whereas if she had remained alive and worked for what she believed in she might have really made a difference by now. Pure comedy.

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Originally posted by velvetgoldmire


"Galactus has returned, and Ben, Reed, and Sue are battling Blastar in the Negetive Zone! Looks like it's up to me! FLAME ON!!"

i was going to follow your lead but i wasn't sure too many people would get the fantastic 4 reference, good job . . .

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