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When I spend a weekend in NYC I saw tons and tons of nice off the shoulder black tops. I ran out of time to do much shopping and go figure it was downpouring when I was able to go shopping at last so I didn't hit as many stores as I would have liked. I couldn't find a black off the shoulder top, where one arm almost detaches from the shirt and then starts again lower on the upper arm. Do you guys know any online store that has shirts like that?

Also do you know of any NYC trendy based shops that have websites?

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Originally posted by mssabina

don't know where you could find a top exactly like the one you described but i love james perse off the shoulder tops, comes in a handful of colors, $64:


I just ordered that one from eluxury.com - I am so in love with it!

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Originally posted by somebitch


too 80s... next thing u know people are going to be tucking up one side of their shirts in a clip & wearing puffy socks or worse, puffy socks over leggings or worse, shoulder pads. :(

:laugh: ....oh gawd.....i hope not. those who are approaching 30 should feel right at home in them.

THIS i like.....


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James Perse | eluxury.com | $67



Lux | urbn.com | $38 (There's a few on the site.)


Also check out scoopnyc.com for the following:

Camp Beverly Hills | $55 (It used to come in black, but I couldn't find one this time.)


C&C California | $54 (THE best tees, hands down. Oh, and it comes in a plethora of colours.)


Diabless | $142 (No black.)


Diabless | $120 (No black.)


Bon chance!

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