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So How Was YOUR New Years?


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Okay, 20 hours of sleep and 5 cocktails deep into the afternoon, and I think I am ready to talk now.

Got to the city at 8:15. Party'd at my brothers with the crew until 12:30, then hit up Spirit. The club is def badass. DV was on when we arrived, and they did a live version of Days Gone By. Had I been remotely sober, it might have seemed ghey, but at that point, it seemed EPIC. LES rocked it after them. We missed AG entirely, but hung with them a bit...they were drunker than us by a lot. The club was not packed, prob half capacity, but it was cool, because it was easy to get drinks and all. We RIS'd it up there until 4:30 and then took a limo to Centro Fly. Afterhours party there sponsored by Zygo. We got the Swingers treatment, taken in through a back entrance from none other than hellomynameis...he hooked us up good. Once inside, the Zygo was free, and therefore flowing. We got a table in the hip hop room, HOLLA! Stayed there for a few hours, then made our way back to Erik's to finish it off. All in all a great time for sure, and there are many pics to share soon.

Woke up at 11:30pm Thursday, had 5 messages from D:rew and Funmeg. Wacted T3, sort of. Back to sleep. Woke up early this morning, and went out drinking. Now back at Erik's and continuing the party. Staying here tonight and God only knows where we'll up. Joe Mama and Eli just took off for Boston, and will be at Rise tonight, which I highly recommend to you guys. Stymie is in Jersey and will be rocking the Casbah later. ;)

See you fockers next week. HOLLA!

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