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Viva La Bam


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This show cracks me up... The scavenger hunt was way too funny.. Don Vito is a gross mofo.. anyone else watch this show? I never watch MTV, just :

Selected Shows

Boiling Points

Control Freak (MTV2)



Direct Effect


Fantasy Music Tycoon Game

FFYR: Sexual Health

Hard Rock Live


Making the Band 1 & 2

Making the Video

MC Battle

Movie Awards 2003

Movie House

MTV Sports: 3-Way Threat

MTV Super Bowl Weekend

MTV Wraps up 2003

MTV2 Hip-Hop Countdown

MTV2 Rock Countdown

Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

One Bad Trip

The Osbournes


Real World

Rich Girls

Room Raiders

RW/RR Challenge: Gauntlet


True Life


Ultimate Video Game Countdown

Video Clash

Video Music Awards 2003

Viva La Bam

Volcano High


Remote control

headbangerz ball

Camp Jim


Thats about it.

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Originally posted by sexxybabyd


And then the one "don't feed Phil" :laugh:

That show is the best!!

I used to live in the Philly area, which is where almost all of the Viva La Bam/Jackass guys are from. I remember when Jackass first came out, I would go visit a friend at West Chester Univ. and you could see them doin' crazy shit on campus late at night for the show.

A friend of mine back home told me about the Don't Feed Phil Episode. They paid Y100 (the big rock/alt radio station in Philly) to run ads all day and have their DJs talk about not feeding him non-stop, and said there were flyers, posters, and all kinds of things put up all over with his picture. I guess they paid all the restaurants in the West Chester area not to feed him too.

That show is one of the funniest I've seen on TV in a long time...but I have a feeling its gonna get old after a while.

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

Ever read the mag. Big Brother, too fucking funny...

of course... i used to be a skater and i was into all this jazz... my cousin is a photographer for transworld, and he does some freelance jazz, so i hear all this shit, he used to hook me up with the illest ish, mags, gear, decks, videos, blah...

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Originally posted by incredulous

i think so too, never even watch wildboyz. I just dont understand why his parents dont care??? too funny

They "dont care" about what he does to the house because its his. After he started getting money from MTV and Jackass, he bought that house he and his parents live in. Thats how he gets away with the crazy shit he does.

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I actually like wildboyz better just cuz the fact that Party boy and Steve-O do things on that show that are completely insane. They go swimming right next to sharks, they try to grab snakes blind folded, Steve-O hooks up with a giraffe, and there was that one episode where Party boy tries to through a boomerang and it splits his head open.:laugh:

But I have to agree and say viva la bam is a great show. My personal favorite was when they go to Vegas to order Raab a mail order bride and then get Don Vito to do the four things he would regret. Hey you wanna know where that hair under your lip came from.:eek::vomit3::laugh:

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i love both viva la bam and wildboyz. anything related to jackass and CKY is f'ing hysterical... i'm garaunteed to be laughing until i either cry or run out of breathe anytime i watch bam or party boy... and phil is the greatest... what a sport

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