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Jessica simpsons brown bag


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Originally posted by njdionysus

Serious question, what is it with designer bags that intrigue women so much?

Not all women. Designer purses or bags do not interest me at all. Now.. shoes.... that's another subject :D (I love shoes)

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Guest koukla77

if you're looking for a great new bag, check out www.zevelyn.com - every bag on that site can be customized to your liking. Also, if you have a specfic bag in mind, send them an email - they can design a similar one just for you! they have over 150 fabric options for you to choose from and - if thats not enough - they also let you supply your own fabric if you prefer. sorry, they don't do leather (yet) but i promize that once you check out the site you'll be picking up a new piece of arm candy! their bags are funky, classic, and awesome! www.zevelyn.com

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i like bags and shoes......

but designer or not.....if i like it...i LIKE it..........however i do not buy knockoff.........if i can't afford something i see no point in pretending i can....it's stupid....that is simply trying to acheive status.......but one of my FAVORITE bags in the past like 4 yrs is one i got from TERRANOVA.....$39 lol...and FUCKING KICK ASS!......prob my most complimented bag too ;)

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