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PROs & CONs of the new board....?

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the whole thing is cheap... dave didnt finish configering it.

yea...I think there's still a lot of stuff that needs tweeking.

Rhythmism (( the old naughtybooth )) is using this software, and I actually like it better than the old. It just takes some time to get used to.

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we'll see... i still cant see anyones sigs, and most things are red x's... the layout is odd, the names are HU-MON-GOUS~! and its just not pleasing to the eye imo... i dont know... who cares... well get used to it...

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I just tried to upload a new custom avatar, but there's no option for that...either keep the one you have or pick one of the ones alraedy in here :(

Also...can't figure out how to change the description under my username?

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