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What car should I get ............. ?????

What One Should I Get ??  

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  1. 1. What One Should I Get ??

    • Chrysler 300C (hemi)
    • Acura Tl A-Spec

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1. which do you prefer...front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

2. Things to consider:

Reliability-the Acura TL has a strong track record. The 300C has no record. It does use E-Class parts, but the E-Class is nowhere near as reliable as the TL.

Resale Value-Acuras have great resale values. Chyslers generally do not. I think that the 300C will have good resale values in the short term though.

For looks and pure performance, I would go with the 300C.

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It depends on how long you're planning on keeping the car. If you're going to have this car for 10 years and need it to be reliable then I would get the Acura. If you can afford to buy a new car every 3-4 years I'd probably take a shot on the Chrysler. Chrysler makes come cool looking cars but too bad they are unreliable...

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How about some spec's/general info to help us make a better decision? To me, the TL and the 300c are very different cars so it's hard to choose one over the other.

If you are going purely on looks, get the 300c, put some nice rims on it and pimp that shit playa :) I guarantee that you'll get more looks with the 300c than you will with the TL.

I vote 300C. The TL is a nice car, but FWD has and always will suck, especially on something that big.

The TL is FWD?! :puke: It's still a nice car in it's own right but what was Acura thinking?

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just to let u kno, the acura ASPEC does not look like that what so ever, its not factory installed, its dealer installed. the car you saw at the auto shows was just a "concept" car. i have a 04 tl with navi and absolutely love the car, there are plenty of interior features in the car that just might sway ur decision. good luck

2004 TL specifications


2004 300c specifications


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