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who do you fantasize about?


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whether its a celebrity, someone you know, ur sig. other, or just someone u saw in like the grocery store. who's someone uve fantasized about?

personally, theres this lady who lives downt he street from me. i cant tell how old she is. she has the body of a woman in her 20's, and i havent actually been close enough to see her face. but she is fine!

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Many fantasies - some of which include

1- Vin Diesel, manhandling me (ooh those strong arms :drool:)

2- Brad Pitt, I like to like, suck, taste and kiss him all over

3- Jenna Jameson - can't even describe what I would like to do to her/have her do to me :licker: def lots of toys involved!

4- Joana Prado (braz. plyboy model) have a 4some w/ her, jenna, and Natalia Paris (as Monique has already mentioned).

5- Threesome w/ my sig other and his extremely hot twin brother

6- Charlize Theron - shes so sexxy

7- Angelina Jolie would prolly be a wild fuck

I could keep going but I'll prolly get to hot and bothered here at work :work:

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i fantasize about playing a game of baby oil twister with scarlett johanssen, eliza dushku, chloe sevigny ... seems like all the girls i like have an almost masculine, overtly sexual aura, and are all celebrities whose names i can't spell, hmmm ...

then there's a guy who looks like jared leto, i include him sometimes :biggrin:

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