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What About Good Ole G??

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No one ever posts about the good ol G because it's not that easy to find. I'm from N.C. and I have friends looking for it. I have done it before and have had it put in my drink without me knowing it. That shit ain't no joke. But, it's just like everything else you got to be able to say when. Personally, I think the rolls I take are so good they stand on their own man. :bounce:

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g is wak its sums up the demise of the city club scene...almost every overdose in a club is from some G head who cant handle their shit...people overdosing in a club=cops on their ass...ever since XTC became less popular b/c of its effects and the bullshit pills around the family environment was eliminated...now G and tina are around and its ruining the whole venue b/c EVERY CLUB KEEPS GETTIN CLOSED B/C SOME OF YOU CANT HANDLE YOUR SHIT...

whatever im just venting

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G is really easy to make ...... the problem is that since it became popular its hard to get the main solvent used to make it (GBL.. a cleaning solvent) If you have some basic chemistry skills you can extract gbl from certain types of nail polish remover and industrial floor strippers. A word of advice: I f you get some g that has a smell to it, avoid it like the plague. The GBL used to make that stuff wasn't fractionally distilled and other components of the nail polish remover/floor cleaner are still in there. I dont know about you but I dont usually drink corrosive chemicals.

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