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I don't have any tattoos, but I think they are cute.

i don't really have a problem with tat's if they look nice, but when it comes to the point where you wake up, and EVERYGIRL that's wearing a cut off shirt has a tattoo on her lower back, im just wondering wtf is going on :laugh:

it was nice back in 1999 when 1 in every 100 girls had it. But now it's 1 in 8 or 10, and repetition gets dull :bored:

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i dont have one... but then again... i have my bellybutton pierced and every single girl i see nowadays has it ... oh well

Well, in my opinion that's much more sexual and interesting than a tat on the lower back

at least with the piercing i can play with it, run my fingers in your fuzzy navel, tickle your belly.... :eek:

Ok, gotta stop :-X

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anyone ever see this online cartoon called red vs blue? they basically play Halo, capture the video, and add audio...

anyways, they did a "public service announcement" tellin people why they shouldnt get tattoos, or at least shouldnt get certain ones...

one of the ones they advised against was tribal or chinese tatts... cuz lets face it, you dont really know what it means, and for all you know, the person who told you what it means was lying.

saw one guy in first year get a chinese tatt, wanted to impress his chinese friends, i guess... turned out it meant 'gay man' or somethin like that

hard to tell between the laughter

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know a chick wants to get a tatt on the back of her neck... not at the base, but up a bit, like around where the hair starts, so she can wear her hair down and cover it up if she has to

her dad, of all people, said to get one "above her ass" instead

i dig the upper neck tatts, even if the hair occasionally covers it up. hurts like a bitch to get one there. i have one at the base of my neck, diggin into the spine was not fun, but i love the result.

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