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hating americans...


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all u have to do is watch that show "my super sweet 16" and u instantly see why it's so easy to hate stupid, spoiled american kids and their parents. :gang:

anyone else agree with me on this??


Just when i thought MTV could not get any lower they come out with this shit. Rich spoiled kids getting parties costing more than most families make in a lifetime

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i dare you to find a rich spoiled kid in haiti

I'll give it a shot with the children of the Duvalier family and the Haitian bourgousie (until recently)

There is a varied distribution of wealth in every capitalist society. Parents want the best for there kids, and unfortunately, some take it too far and spoil them.

I don't really think this is the reason for anti-American sentiment. It basically all boils down to jealousy, IMO.

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