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How many girls have you banged that u met on the net?


How many internet hook ups????  

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  1. 1. How many internet hook ups????

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Wow good question and do we have to be honest? lol j/k Ive actually been with three women that ive met online, it wasnt until we got to know each other some though. It was a whole lot of fun and you must admitt that everyone has dreamnt of doing this at one time or another so theres no shame in it!

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meeting women over the internet is fuckin retarded

i mean look at these "chatrooms". i have to think, what kind of woman spends her time in such a chatroom, and then actually meets up with guys there?

i was out with a friend i haven´t seen in a while on saturday, and from the car to the club we were going he got like six fucking sms. i was like, "dude, why is your phone always beeping" and he tells me it´s this girl that won´t stop contacting him. apparently they met in a chatroom (he got a slap to the back of the head from me as he told me that), met in in person, made out, and since then she´s playing psycho games. he wants to meet her, she says she can´t. and everytime he hasn´t time to meet her she desperately wants to get together. in essence, a psycho. now he´ll probably has to change his cell# or get a restraining order if it doesn´t stop, he gets like 20-30 messages a day from her...

i don´t get it, there are enough people out there in the real world to meet. at least this way you can tell faster if someone is a psycho or not cause you´re talking face to face. hell, if you don´t have the balls to approach someone in a bar, take a dance class or something different where you and other people do a shared activity... but this online thing is just rediculous...

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