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Morning Glory Seeds........

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I don't think a drug test would be able to recognize them...I mean, would a drug test recognize if you had been taking nutmeg for recreational purposes (apparently, people do, there's a section on Erowid)? Then again, I don't really have an informed opinion...

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OK...I've tried these in college and they definately made me hallucinate...but what I wanna know is do they come up in a piss test???? What are they considered??? just curious

if they screen for LSD, it would probably show up on a drug test. morning glory would be a psychotropic/hallucinogen.

salvia is a legal drug (kinda), that's not usually screened for, also taking a paxil before bed will give one of the freakiest dreams ever, kind of like what you would feel with hallucinogens, except you are sleeping.

of course I don't endorse any of this, just be high on life. :biggrin:

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Some moring glory and woodrose seeds contain LSA which is a distant cousin of LSD... key word "SOME" .... be careful ... you might be eating fungiicide called Captan, a purple colored powdery coating on seeds. Look for Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucers, and Pearly Gates (brand names) they're the good ones.... if you cant find them look for any seed described as Ipomoea violacea that doent have a warning on them. you really have to eat alot of them to get any effect (somewhere around 1/2 oz) . Hawaaiian baby woodrose seeds have a higher LSA content but arent as easy to find in a garden store.. The effect isnt exactly like acid because you get so many side effects with seeds... I'm not a big fan of them... I guess theyre ok to experiment with if you cant find the "real thing" ... but be prepared for possible cramps and puking

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