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eating a$$


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Guest xfactor834

Lotsa people here know that I love getting down and dirty in bed. But there also has to be a lot of trust and respect involved too.

People can be really naughty in bed, but there's fine line between degradation and naughty-ness.

That said, I'd do anything to a girl that I liked...and I have eaten ass...

The girl was extremely clean back there, plus she waxed regularly.

Yummy =)

I had another thread about how ladies like their asses eaten.

Some may deny it or think it feels funny...but a lot also admitted if feels amazing when done right and played with...




Losers always talk about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen

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Guest gabo

I have done it And every ex girlfriend that I have done it to LOVES IT! cwm11.gif Before you do it make sure that she would be interested in it. She might get turned off if shes not into it and you spring it on her.

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love it!!!!!

My hunnie LOVES when I down there

curl that boyz toes in a heartbeat!!!


Hi! How ya doing? where ya been, I had thoughts of you all night long.

Can't describe what you did, but you got me so!

Aolimer: Glowgirl42000

also downtowngirl101

Email: Sugar4@earthlink.net

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Guest gabo

I love doing to women, but I had no idea women were into doing it!! I dont really know how I feel about a girl doing it to me.

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ROMINA what up this is Phil !!! I just wanted to let you know that I read your post on eating ass, and do you know what I think about that!!!! :-( ..............Its good to know your a freak like me !!! haha :-) how long have u been doin that ??? its kinda a new sexual obsession of mine ! except its more of a turn on for me to give instead of receive....... anyways i gotta bounce for now but write me back when u get a chance ! later.


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Did'nt we clear this topic like a few ago .? just my 2 cents he he .. Yes to the topic of ass eating .. i have done it /\










<A HREF="mailto:



page 1917-243-0215

AIM:GLowbali <---

You are never safe in your dreams im there , always look out because im your worst nightmare.

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