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my new favorite word


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Originally posted by peeps


anyone else got a bloody favorite?

(david - with all respect, i read some of your posts outloud in my best british accent, and then i laugh. i'm so easily amused:cool: )

<laughs> I don't do it out loud, but b2b's posts definitely have a mental accent. Doesn't sound a damn thing like him, but it's still funny. :)

(muah! we love you, david)

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Originally posted by peeps

you know, david, you sure are getting lots of cyber-love around these parts lately

you cyber-gigolo, you:tongue:

yeh gimmi the real thing anyday. The only person who has translated in to the real thing with is BB.:( And that was over in 10 seconds.

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Originally posted by djamnfx

I picked up "BOLLOCKS" from Mixmag and Muzik.

I keep saying "it's the bollocks" now.


LOL, bollocks is a good one.

Heres some other Great British words...




bugger n. adj. v. Another superb multi-purpose Brit word. Buggery is sodomy but the word has far more uses than this. Calling someone a bugger is an inoffensive insult (in a similar way to git) and telling someone to bugger off is a friendlier alternative to the f-word. It can also be used as a stand-alone expletive in a similar way to bollocks - "Oh, bugger!"

spunk n. In British English, spunk is semen. This causes endless hilarity whilst watching Australian soap-operas, when the girlies have a conversation like "Hey, whatcha think of Brad, Laurie?" / "Yeah, he's a real spunk!".

slash v. Nothing to do with violence at all, having a slash is the art of urinating. Its usage is more appropriate to punters in the pub than middle-aged ladies at a Tupperware party.

slapper n. British equivalents of American "ho"s, Slappers are people who are on the pull for anything they can get. Anything. The word is applied more often to females (arguably because it is a built-in function of blokes and doesn't deserve a separate word). Slappers wander around the dance floor looking for the drunkest blokes and then, when they've found them, woo them by dancing backwards into them "accidentally". The are invariably spotted at the end of an evening telling the bouncer how lonely they are and trying to sit on his knee.

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Originally posted by bouncyboy

He knows that I will always supply. I was just playin' B2B come back to me pleeeeeeeaaase!!!! lol

Seriously B2B, what's your plan for tonight?

Not 100% yet, i need to get home and see how i feel.

Everybody is welcome round my bug infested apartment though. we can take it from there.

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Back2basics, what's up. I've been a ghost reader on the site but just recently decided to post. I'm usually on the Cro boards.

So that probably tells you where I'm at on the weekends most of the time. If not there at Redno.

Peace out

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