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The End=Poo:(


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Mike Macaluso-The End....... what a horrible track,the hype for this track was just that hype.......the track is so poor....i'd rather listen to the original.......the ofortuna edit is ok.....but the end is another reason not to go to Exit......oh well i'm disapointed.....:(......:D

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Are u sure u heard the right mix, there is a mislabel floating around thats labeled "the end", perhaps thats the one you heard. I have yet to hear the real "the end" myself, so I cant say anything about that.......

maybe its bad, maybe its good but it will be tough to replace the original......

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Originally posted by xtcgspot

i found a song labeled the end on audiogalaxy. it hasnt downloaded yet, but does anyone know if this is the right song? i have a feeling it is mislabeled.

Yeah I got that and told a couple of people and then they downloaded it and told me that it was a fake... also got the Young Frankenstein and that was a rip too.

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i disagree....

at first i thought it was...but it is a fake....i believe its actually a track by Louie Aiese...an original...but the way the builds are structured are NOTHING like something mac would do....the REAL 'the end" is sickkkkk...

U'd know it when u heard it....

Mike BuGouT

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The End by Mike Macaluso was played by Vicious at factory at the very end. It was one of the last 5 or 10 tracks played.

He played it before he played the O' fortuna mix of Final Chapter.

This track is fucking siicck. There were only 3 people in the booth including Vicious and me. So i doubt you heard it tranza.


I'm glad nobody has, because it'd get played out.

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Damn Doug you really thought Viscious sucked?

.. I thought he was ridiculously on point

.. I have to agree, his mixing was phenominal and he kept the energy high all night

I was surprised that he played Adrenaline Injection, Debom, The End, and the O'Fortuna Remix, kinda cheesy for his taste no?

Anyways, all in all I thought he spun a very very good set, and I haven't heard Joe spin in awile, I under estimated him, but his programming and track selection was on point.

.. my first trip back to SF after a VERY long time, and a good impression it left.

I dont like how everyone just stands around and tries to look pretty though, they need more energy.


Justin Higgins

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..I guess I just dont like Johnny's new style (Been this way for a while)

..You know I dont like that hard music, and that's all he plays lately

Did he rock any vocals? I left at 4-4:30 because I couldnt take it anymore

..Sad I missed Lumination but f'it I can listen to it 24-7

..My vote for best hard dj still goes to JP (When he's playing it)

.He has that signature sound when it comes to hard, it's different then that Scot project/Mad Myles sound Vicious has

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i downloaded most of the track, and its def not the right song. i heard it once on ktu, on level 4, a few weeks ago, im not sure if louie devito was spinning level 4 like usual, but i doubt it, cuz he wouldnt play that, he probably wouldnt have it yet. but anyway, this is def not the same song

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hey whats up guys, its lou aiese,

The track that is floating around on audiogalaxy is a mislabel and is not "mike macs - the end". it has nothing to do with the final chapter or the remix.

Its an original track produced by me.

I'm sorry for the high volume level, it was a bootleg copy!! The edited version has better builds, and better sound quality. Sorry if this caused confusion.

hope u guys enjoy the track anyway, look for my new track " The Future" coming out soon.

Lou Aiese

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