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does age matter?


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I thought u were a little older than u are (though your age doesn't freak me out). Maybe its because you seem so independent and confident?

I think most guys have a mental limit on how many years apart / younger they'll go. Not that this necessarily makes sense, but its there......

Good luck hon with whomever it is. U'r a sweetie!

kiss kiss

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Personally, I have no age limits (beyond the legal ones) If our personalities mesh then they mesh.

But for a life partner I would pick someone cose to my age because it is important to be hitting the same stages of life atthe same time as you get older. That is to say a fit 50 year old guy and a 25 year old girl mightbegreat. But when she hits 50 you will 75 and too old to do very much while she will be as active as you were at 50.

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Guest gabo

I have no problem with someones age. I dated a girl 12 years older than me once. I was 17 and she 29. we dated for almost 2 years too! if you guys are on the same level it doesnt matter... I just dont know if I was really mature or she was really immature. If I wasnt so lazy i would scan a pic of her in a bathing suit lying next to a pool, but I am so tuff titty:tongue:

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I dont really pay much attention to age either. BUT.....I do prefer a guy that is at least 21. I just spent 20 years dying to get into places and being with someone that young would bring me back. But it is what it is. I have many friends some of which are 20.

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It's maturity that matters, not age. I wouldn't mind dating someone substantially younger than me if we were equally mature; I would not however want to date someone much older who was immature! I wouldn't want to be with someone I knew I would surpass in a few years.

I have dated mostly younger men. Very rarely am I attracted to someone more than a few years older than me. I'm 26, I'd give my age range to be something like 23-30. But I would never automatically rule out someone just because of their age!

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I think it all depends..

I mean.. I've dated someone 5 yrs younger than me.. and I'm 22, yes.. it felt really weird.. and I no longer talk w/ this guy.. but he was cool.. He didn't look nor act his age... it just felt weird.. I felt like I was doing something wrong!! So, I left that one ALONE!!! I also dated a man who was 10 yrs older than me.. and I was 17 @ the time...

no . . I dont' think age should matter.. but you do have to set limits.. you wouldn't want some 25 yr old dating your 16 yr old daughter now would you..

... no matter how much we don't agree w/ it.. if a younger guy (ie. 16/17) ...is dating an older women (ie. 22+).. he's tha shit!

... if it's an older man/women (ie. 22+) ... dating someone younger than them (ie. 16/17) ... then something isn't right there!! @ least IMO.... hence me leaving my little 17 yr old alone... :smile2:


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some girls like older guys...they've usually been on the scene for a while and know what's going on, both in and out of bed...

once you hit a certain age though, it doesn't seem to matter

basically I've found the best relationships work not due to age factor, but because you both put up with each others bullsh*t

my guy didn't ask how old I was until my birthday came up!

date the men that whet your appetite :)

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Originally posted by bkissa

i find that i am not attracted to any guys at least 5 years older than me and usually almost 10. the problem is, when i tell them my age, they freak out. how come? i wouldnt say i am very matture for my age but i cannot even be remotely attracted to anyone my age.

and how old are you?

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