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what do you like about youself??


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okay let's be a lil more upbeat and not hate ourselves so much lol...so what qualities do like about yourself?

i'm proud of the fact that i know how to have fun and look on the brighter side of things ::ahem....like this thread:: i'm a good listener, i'm a smartass and i can dance :spin2:

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Originally posted by marcid21

Outside my assests are definetly eyes and hair....

Inside, I'm funny, outgoing, have a huge heart, too understanding for my own good, a good listener, and I'm very open minded about lots of things......


heheh sounds a lot like me... i got such a big heart that it ends up backfiring sometimes... am i right?!
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i like the fact that i speak my mind... although that's on my hate list too... along with being stubborn...

i think i'm...


a good listener

caring, loving and affectionate


uhhh some other stuff, but i'd say in general i really do like myself... i just feel like i have stuff to work on... :)

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